Welcome to Crescent Moon Home

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Crescent Moon Home combines two of my life's passions, the "cabin life" which I have enjoyed since childhood, and the second, "Product Design and Development", to which I have more than 30 years of experience in the US and Europe home decor and gift markets.. 

American "cabin life" is a relaxed casual lifestyle, full of memories and traditions, handed down from generation to generation. My first cabin experience was at my Grandfather's cabin. Those traditions and memories have filled a lifetime, and today are still being created and celebrated at my own cabin.


When I started to travel the globe I became influenced by the European cabin culture.  "Hygge" the Danish word for cozy and comfortable comes from a simpler enlightened lifestyle that's about contentment and well being.  The European design esthetic is clean and minimal, and is both rustic and refined.   Pulling from both the American and the European influencers,  I created the product line for Crescent Moon Home.     

Our products starts with earth elements. Natural materials that last, such as wood, metal, and glass. Our products showcase the materials' natural beauty and strength. Most items are hand crafted and perfectly imperfect.  Let us you help create your new memories and traditions with our timeless pieces that celebrate life's simple moments.  


Come to the moon....