The Launch

So the way I look at it, I was doing two full time jobs for about 1 year before the launch of Crescent Moon Home. I would work all day at my day time job and then at night I would prepare for the launch of Cresent Moon Home, which was happening in November, 2019 at the US Bank Arena and the show was called the Holiday Boutique. I had negotiated a spot near the front near the entrance and I was pumped. The shows demographic was exaclty what I was looking for and the show boasted 59,000 attendees. This was to be my very first show and although I had planned and built the booth in one of the garage spaces at the cabin, I wasn't sure I was ready. Weekends I would merchandise it and price the booth. I prayed I had enough merchandise and the right kind of merchandise. I know product and I know shows, but I did not know this show. I had done two buying trips that year to Atlanta and bought my merchandise from about 5 vendors that I knew did well in the marketplace. I thought I had enough merchandise for the show.

Scot and Julie were flying in to help me work the show and do the launch. They would work 3 days long hours to help me sell. They were excited because this was all launched in Paris and they were there to help plant the seeds. Now they would see those seeds grow to be an actual business. Also going to help was my good friend Emiko, an old coworker who started her own business a few years ago doing freelance artwork. So my sales team was all set. Now I needed the set up and tear down team. I reached out to my family and asked for set up help. All of them said they were ready and willing. Even my sister Jill said she would fly in from Texas. Which is something that you just can't payback. I was honored and humbled that they would all jump into help. I was organized. Everything was priced. Everything was packed. I had over 50 products to show. As we would all say later "it was a lot!"

Set up day I was so pumped. My brother had come up with his truck and trailer the weekend before and we had packed him all up. My truck and trailer was all packed up. We were at the stadium lined up to go in at our required time. Jill ended up taking the train downtown from the airport and she met us on the sidewalk with her luggage and got in with Steve my brother. Then it was time to drive in. Im telling you...I'm not a big sports fan but it was very exciting driving onto the playing field of the US Bank Arena. Our whole area was being set up.... so then the craziness just started happening. As we tried to get our trucks and tailers close enough to the booth to unpack, we managed to take a few moments for photos and then all the work began. IT WAS CRAZY. I was glad to have two days to set up because we needed every moment!! I also got a chance to work with Christopher Staub of Project Runway fame during the show set up. We set up a display with our product and the dress he created by taking our pillows and throws and turning them into a stunning coat dress! The display was up during the show and people voted on which dress they liked...I never did find out who won! Anyway if there was one thing I have learned from him is that you have to hustle!!!

Thanks to everyones help, and there were many, the show was a complete success. I wasn't sure how much to expect in the way of sales, but for the first two days we were slammed and the people just kept coming. It was really fun for me to meet the customers and hear their comments about the product and the booth. My favorite part was watching people walk up, stop and smile when they saw the booth. That was an amazing feeling. To see the reaction on complete strangers faces was priceless. Not to be outdone by all of the friends and family that stopped by. I have had 4 long term jobs and many of my previous coworkers came from 3 of the companies and that was again spectacular! Day 3 was a little slower but we already felt like a success. So the mood was lively and filled with a lot of laughter. Good thing cuz takedown is another whole story which I won't go into, but what I will say is that my family kicked ass. All in all a very successful show. A big launch for the Crescent Moon Home!!

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