Now It's September 2020

So this post will be my first real time post. The previous posts were to try to get you to know what it took to get here. Today I am writing from my chalet style cabin that has the most gorgeous views of Long Lake. I absolutely love my life up here. I love it way more that I even thought I would. It has been amazing. I have not been lonely or missed the city as I thought I might have. I think I have been too busy working to even notice! So I am relieved to tell you that I have completely fallen for the cabin life!

I quit my day job in May, six months after when I thought I would. The timing of selling my house in Golden Valley Minnesota did not cooperate with us and instead of selling it in fall of 2019 it took me all the way to March of 2020 to sell it. I HAD to sell the house to quit my job and begin my new journey. Even though Covid was happening and I knew it wasn't good timing, I really could not stop the process I had put in place. So basically I have a year and a half to get Crescent Moon Home up and running!

Since moving here, I have remodeled the cabin as much as I could afford to, so that we could use the cabin as the back drop to all of our photo shoots. The whole 1st and 2nd floor loft space has been painted white. The fireplace old tile was removed and new stone was added along with black glass inset inside the fire box, along with a new hearth and mantle. I have done a lot of electrical upgrades, and mini remodeled the guest bath on the first floor. On the second floor loft I tore out the wall that created the bedroom and created my office and an extra guest bedroom so they would have a view of the lake. I ordered some new furniture pieces that Crescent Moon Home will sell for the entryway and the final two pieces coming for the living room come in October. I got a new cognac brown leather sofa to shoot products on along with my black leather chairs. I have sanded and repainted the deck outside so that it looks better in photos. I have accessorized the cabin with all of my product and all of the product shots and videos for the online store are completed. I hope to have the new website, my new blog and the online store launched by the weekend so stay tuned for that!.

As for the Pop Up Shop, it is nearly ready. Half of the Christmas product has been delivered and the other half is due to come this month. Along with the Pop Up Shop I will be decorating the cabin this weekend and we should be able to take appointments after that opens next week! So a lot is happening. The last few months feels like it has been a whirlwind, and it has been. I thank my family and friends for keeping me sane, or at least not letting me go crazy! Im excited to see what happens with the online store and the pop up shop. Thanks to all the people who have made appointments! I really appreciate it and I'm excited to meet all the people I have not and reconnect with the people I have.

Looking at next year, it looks like I will be doing two shows so far. First the Home and Garden Show in Minneapolis in March and the Holiday Boutique Show at the US Bank arena in November. Please check us out as we continue with the Crescent Moon journey. From now on I will be blogging every Wednesday, so please stay tuned for that. I will be talking about trends, products and life happenings at the cabin, in the blog. I will also continue to post my before and afters of the chalet and the showroom. Thank you and now lets begin our online journey. I really hope you like the new website and store!!!!!

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