Lessons from my Mother...

My Mom passed in September of 2018. She was definitely the Patiarch of the family. There are 7 kids in my family. 5 girls and 2 boys. I'm the youngest. We were Catholic and Mom said obviously the "rhythm method" did not work. There are too many fantastic things to say about my Mom. I had a fantastic childhood. My Mom made all the holidays a huge celebration, and the traditions she created...welI, I always wished everyone could of experienced them. How she transformed the house or our family cabin for holidays was amazing. She also was an tremendous cook, to the point where I believe everyone came home for the holidays because of the the love, the food, the decorations, and the traditions. My Mom's best and greatest gift, was her capacity to love all the people in her life. All 7 of us turned out to be funny, self deprecating, humble, compassionate, yet driven people. All because of the lessons Mom taught us about people and the world.

I think I got most of my creative talent from my Mom and Dad. Dad was good with his hands and very creative with his remodeling and building. In fact, Dad, Mom and all of us kids remodeled and built our first cabin together over the span of a year in 1967. It really was amazing how much we all learned as we helped and participated. A lot of the work fell on my brother who learned the most and was also very good at building. In the remodel Dad made a sun on the ceiling in the large living room. He made it out of burlap and wooden strips. Everyone who came in said how unusual it was. It "radiated" from the front two sets of sliding glass doors that looked out at the lake. I cannot tell you how many memories were made at that Cabin. How many holidays were spent there laughing and loving each other. So many good memories as a family.

Dad died when I was 21. From then on Mom was on her own. Of course she played a very important role in all our lives. Mom would always say that she wanted us to be "happy," and that she loved all of her kids "to the moon and back." In her last few years she wanted me to get out of my high pressure job in which I seemed to travel non-stop. She wanted me to build a life, find a partner and become "happy". But I was a bit of a workaholic, and while I took her advice on many things in life, the job was always a hard thing to give up. Mom and I had many traditions over the years. The first was Sunday night dinners. I would go over to see her at the home we grew up in, and she would cook dinner for me. It was just her and I so it made me feel special and we got to have our weekly "check ins." Later in life it turned into Sunday movie afternoon, I would bring a movie up to the cabin on Sundays and we would watch it with whomever from the family who wanted to watch. Then even later when she was in hospice, it turned into me bringing a dozen yellow roses to her each Sunday and staying for a visit, depending on how long she felt up to it.

My Mom was in hospice for several years. I know, nobody believes me but it is true. She was a strong woman, and although she was not scared of death, I think she was scared of the final minutes. She did not want to be in pain. As she neared the end of her life, we would all joke and say how we thought she would try to contact us from the other side. Mom had a thing for Morning Glories and we all thought we would start to see Morning Glories at all of our homes. But Mom had a different anwer...Mom's mysterious answer was always the same," look for me in the Crescent Moon, thats where you will find me". Now my mom lived on Crescent Street and had several Crescent Moon knick knacks around the house, and we all knew she loved the Crescent Moon but I'm not sure any of us kids thought "thats" where we would find her. Looking back now it was a spectacular statement, and I believe it to be true. In my new life at the cabin I see the Crescent Moon quite a bit. Sometimes I feel like I can feel her in the moon beams. She is telling me to be happy and move ahead with my plans, that everything will be ok. She also gave me one more thing with that Crescent Moon story. It's the name of my new company, Crescent Moon Home. I named my new company in honor of my Mother and all she did for me while she was here, and now, in the moon! Several weeks after Mom died, my sisters Judy and Jill were going through her drawers in her bedroom. They found a note that Mom had left all of us. It said "Thanks to each and every one of you for making my life so happy." It was signed with her usual hand wave which she did on all of her birthday cards and notes. This time it mean good bye.

When people say you will have life changes when one one of your parents die, believe them. Since my Mom has passed away I have done my biggest transformation on myself and my life. The bad part is that with Mom passing I no longer have the unconditional love you have from a Mother, and I often miss that. But, with that being said I have another Angel watching over me and letting me know she is still around and she gently pushes me to keep going towards my dream and new life.

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