The Journey and A Warm Thank You...

Before I get into the journey of Crescent Moon Home, I just want to thank all the people who came to the Holiday Boutique at the US Bank Arena in November of 2019. It was great to meet and see all of you and see how much you loved our products. The show was a complete success because of all of you and your support. I hope to win that support in the future by creating an innovative product line and experiences.

Now it's August of 2020 and we just found out all of our shows for the end of the year have been cancelled due to Covid. So, we found that Crescent Moon Home will have to pivot like many businesses. So we decided to put together an aggressive 30 day plan that includes:

Change and update our website

Start a blog

Start an online store

Do a "Pop Up" shop in Luck WI and do private appointments because of Covid.

Perhaps do a "Pop Up" Shop in November in Minneapolis

Decorate the Chalet for Christmas and open the Chalet to tours of people who come and shop.

We are hoping to have most of this accomplished by the middle of September and currently are on track. Hope to see you online or in person soon! Thanks for supporting Crescent Moon Home, and following our story which keeps unfolding.

The below photos are of our booth in the Holiday 2019 Boutique at US Bank Arena.


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