I Want A Do Over

It's October of 2019 and I was on a trip to Asia. I was working on a huge multi million dollar collection for Target One Spot. The pace of the trip was grueling and it all culminated with a big meeting in our Hong Kong Showroom with the buyers. We had been preparing for the meeting for months, and although the trip was fun, it was super stressful. Everyday was a different vendor, which meant a "planes, trains and automobiles" kind of trip. I was traveling with a new coworker, Katie, who had just joined our team and it was her first trip to Asia. I went over to Asia when I was 30 and have been traveling there every year since. To show Asia to a new person, well it can be great or not so great depending on how adventurous the person is. Katie was however, a pro at adventure and up for anything, which made the trip so fun for the both of us. I love Asia, the culture and the people. I have seen it change so dramatically is 30 years it is hard to explain how it has grown and expanded. I now had favorite restaurants and tea shops that I loved to go to, and Katie was up for all of it.

After traveling through China for almost two weeks it was time to go to Hong Kong and prepare for our big meeting. We set the showroom with all of the product we were showing in about a day and practiced who was going to talk about what product and what they were going to say. We knew the Target buyers well, so from that perspective I already knew it was going to be a good meeting. However as there always are, we had some difficult things to discuss. The meeting was set for about 3 hours and then lunch.

The meeting got off to what I thought was a rocky start, but after that the meeting went well. Both Katie and I presented the different lines to the buyers and both of us did a really good job. Afterwards, Katie and I wanted to celebrated the day. We were so relieved. Exhausted and relieved. I could feel myself unwind as we had a cocktails and dinner at my favorite bar in Kowloon, the Intercontinental Hotel. It really has the best view of Hong Kong. Both Katie and I laughed and had such a good time recapping the day throughout dinner. Afterwards, we went back to our hotel and I went up to my room and sat and looked out the window to quiet down before bed. Our company always put us up at great hotels and when you travel as much as we did, you really appreciate it.

My view was looking over Kowloon Hotels that dotted the shoreline. As I looked out the window, it was like one of those moments when you look at your life, and you have been on the hamster wheel for so long you have not had a minute to breathe, and your not even sure you know how you got there. It was that night as I looked out to see the Crescent Moon high above those hotels. I knew Mom was messaging me and It was that night I decided things needed to change. I needed to change. I had been traveling to Asia for over 30 years, usually 2 to 3 times a year for a minimum of two weeks each trip, I decided this would be my last trip overseas. At least in a corporate job position. As I looked at that moon I realized how much I missed Mom, her advice, her laughter her grace. But I knew everything that I was planning would become a reality. I had a fight and drive to make it happen. I wanted a do over...or at least a start over. The plan has

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