Finding the Perfect Chalet Style Cabin

Now we fast forward to March, 2019. I have spent much of the winter looking for the perfect cabin. I was working with a great realtor, but he would always remind me that at my price range, to get what I wanted, it was going to take at least a year. Well, I didn't think I had a year. I had a plan in place for what I wanted to do and the plan needed to take effect. I wanted to do a kind of upscale decor cabin line. If not upscale, then rustic and refined. I would stay away from all of the normal icons of the cabin, such as fish, bear and moose images, and try to do something more unique. I could see it in my mind. Not much on the market like this. I would use the cabin as a back drop for all of the product shots and I would eventually live there and run the business from there as I developed my lifestyle brand. This would include living the cabin lifestyle. It would also include accessorizing my cabin with my own product line and doing shows where I would sell my product. As far as the cabin went, well it had to check the box on more than a few items.

Here is my original list...

1. Has to be Chalet Style in front, meaning more of an A frame style with big windows to the lake.

2. The living room and the dining room had to face the lake. It wouldn't be bad if the kitchen and other rooms did also.

3. Had to be totally private

4. Had to have a space for the business

5. The cabin had to be unique. This means some sort of charm that modern cabins don't have. like a lot of exposed wood.

6. Large enough to host my family

7. Clean lake

8. A fireplace

9. Good views of the lake

10. Decent Garage.

I looked at about 27 cabins by this time. And none met many items on the above list, in fact for my price range they were pretty dumpy. I ended up liking an area in Wisconsin near the town of Siren, but so far there were no cabins in the area that met my criteria for my price. After looking at 3 more cabins in the area that were not going to work, I pulled into a McDonalds to have lunch. I was frustrated. I did the drive thru and parked my truck. I was thinking "am I doing the right thing?" and "is this the right area?' Then, right before my eyes I see a crescent moon on the wood fence in front of me. Immediately all of my stress went away and I knew I was in the right area and on the right track. I called the realtor, and told him I was willing to go a bit higher on the price to find my dream cabin. Also, I told him there was a listing on the websites that was not really filled out. It had one picture and the price but no other pictures or a description. I had seen it for weeks, but so far it actually had not made it onto the market. I asked my realtor at that time to check it out for me. The next weekend on a Saturday we were on our way to see it.

I loved the road leading up to it. It was gorgeous even in the winter. When we pulled into the driveway I was struck by the beautiful 3 car garage that was separate from the cabin. I had good vibes but it was not private, at all. Neighbors on both sides and not too far away. Then we walked in...I did not know what a timber build cabin was until that day. It had these thick big beams that are exposed and hold up the whole structure. That part was incredible, and I loved it. It was small but when we walked into the dining room and Living room, it was like the house expanded. It was a chalet style cabin and the front windows were expansive. It had what I called "a million dollar view because there were no cabins on the other side of the lake. It looked like you were some where near Duluth on your own private lake. Plus It had an huge deck on the front which overlooks the lake. I knew right then I was sold. It also had a fireplace, a kitchen with a view of the lake, and a bonus room and master which also looked out onto the lake. It had an amazing loft that they had turned into a bedroom, but I could see how, if I took out the wall, I could turn it into my office. There was also a space above the garage that I could grow into and I could take one of the stalls and set up my booth in the space. Sold!!!! The only thing I did not get on my list was privacy. But then I found out that my neighbors were only up for summer weekends, and would not be here during the winters. I had found my peace and my quiet. I also found out that the scenic Ice Age Trail is on the other side of the lake so no one will ever build on that side of the lake. Crescent Moon was home...

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