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Furniture Portfolio

This year I am working with a few customers, helping them makeover different rooms in their homes. Generally, I work with 3 furniture manufacturers to be able to get the look and furniture I need.  The following are furniture pieces I am using in their homes or my chalet.  These are choices that I believe in for Crescent Moon Home.  Tax and shipping are not included.  Please contact me for more information if you are interested in any of the pieces. If you would like to work with me on a space or room in your home my consultation fee is $150.00 for 2 hours at your home.  Then we take it from there.

Carmelia Mirror

Carmelia Mirror In person this mirror is more charcoal and brown than black. It has a geometric tribal feel. Size is 29"W x 45"H x 2"D $300.00

Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 10.00.32 AM

Altair 2 Door Cabinet. This is a slimline cabinet for narrow entryways or spaces. Size is 42"W x 32"H x10"D $400.00

Gavorrano Foyer Chest

Gavorrano Foyer Chest Who doesn't love a good Bombay Chest? This one is rustic but refined. Size is 44"W x 35"H x 23"D. $800.00

Darbie Table Lamp

Darbie Table Lamp The iron works of the lamp with the clear plexi base is exactly the rustic and refined look we like. Size is 36"H. Shade is 10"W x 26"W x 10"D. $225.00

Delroy Armless Chair

Delroy Armless Chair I love these chairs. They come in 4 colors. This one is Cognac and I have them around my dining room table. The leather is sanded so it wears extremely well. Size is 20"W x 40"H x 26"D. $600.00

Delroy Armless Chair

Delroy Armless Chair This color is beautiful ivory. It is hand sanded so the leather will wear extremely well. Size is 20"W x40"H x 26"D. $600.00

Baldrick Extension Dining Table

Baldrick Extension Dining Table This is one beautiful farmhouse table. Reclaimed wood makes each one unique. Size with extensions is 132"W x 30"H x 39"D $1800.00

Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 12.26.16 PM

Caleb Round Dining Table I always love dining at a round table. This one is large at 6 feet in diameter. Reclaimed wood. Size is 72" diameter x 30"T. $1200.00

Maverick 4 Dr Sideboard

Maverick 4 Dr Sideboard This reclaimed pine cabinet has an iron base. Unexpected dimensions and texture. Size is 76"W x 17D x 36"H. $1900.00

Hunter Round Coffee Table

Hunter Round Coffee Table made with a solid pine wood top with a wrought iron base that adds artisian charm. Size is 38"W x 38"D x 18"H. $550.00

Fairbanks Accent Chair

Fairbanks Accent Chair This chair has a bit of a smaller scale and makes a great accent chair. The cognac color matches the Delroy dining room chair. Size is 30"W x 35"H x 36"D $1000.00

Roosevelt Club Chair

Roosevelt Club Chair This leather is called smoke grey and its got brown undertones. The color is fantastic. This chair has a nice footprint and fits into smaller rooms. Size is 28"W x 31"H x 32"D $1200.00

Roosevelt Leather Ottoman

Roosevelt Leather Ottoman To go with the Roosevelt Club Chair, here is the perfect pairing. The smoke gray ottoman in a rectangle shape. Size is 22"W x 18"H x 16"D $400.00

Apothecary Cabinet

Apothecary Cabinet When I saw this I thought it looked like an old apothecary cabinet. This has a large footprint. Size is 63"L x 11"D x 87"H. $1800.00

Wool Rug/Wall Art

Wool Rug or Wall Art I found this piece in Amsterdam and just had to order it. This is made from the sheeps coat and is not dyed. They blend different colors of the sheep to get the final outcome. Each one takes 2 months to complete. Size is 60"W x 80"H. Limited Quantity $500.00

Flaxen Scroll Wall Panel

Flaxen Scroll Wall Panel This is the perfect neutral wall decor. Each rope wrapped cylinder is dyed in varying shades natural, light gray and charcoal tones. Framed in a solid pine shadowbox finished in a dark ebony. Size is 35"W x 59"H x 2 "D $600.00

Bitalo Bowl

Bitalo Bowl This bowl is large at 4 feet. This is handcrafted of forged metal. Size is 48"W x 7"H x 9"D. $225.00

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